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    There is, of course, no reason to take these secession petitions at all seriously. There is probably a fourteen-syllable German word that precisely captures the combination of juvenile whining, sour grapes and goofy anti-government fervor that drove an infinitesimal number of Americans to submit and support these petitions, but the word that the kids in America use to describe this is “butthurt.” 

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    Chris Howard:  America really looks like this - I was looking at the amazing 2012 election maps created by Mark Newman (Department of Physics and Center for the Study of Complex Systems, University of Michigan, http://www-personal.umich.edu/~mejn/election/2012 ), and although there is a very interesting blended voting map (Most of the country is some shade of purple, a varied blend of Democrat blue and Republican red) what I really wanted was this blended map with a population density overlay. Because what really stands out is how red the nation seems to be when you do not take the voting population into account; when you do so many of those vast red mid-west blocks fade into pale pink and lavender (very low population).

    So I created a new map using Mark’s blended voting map based on the actual numbers of votes for each party overlaid with population maps from Texas Tech University and other sources. 

    Here’s the result—what the American political voting distribution really looks like.

    Now THIS is the most accurate map that I’ve seen, and it is fascinating.

    I hope Knoxville is that little blue-violet splotch.

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  4. To clarify


    I’m not telling people not to join the boycott against Olive Garden, Papa John’s, Red Lobster, and Longhorn Steakhouse. I just want everyone to realize that this problem is much larger than these two particular companies and runs much deeper than conservative opposition to Obamacare.

    If you’re outraged by what Darden and Papa John’s are doing, then I hope you’re also mad at every other corporate chain because they’re ALL doing the same thing and have been doing it for years. Whenever costs go up for any reason, profit is maintained by wringing more labor out of low-level employees. Being mad at Obamacare is just the latest excuse for owners to treat labor like shit. This kind of behavior is baked into contemporary American capitalism. Fixing this is going to take a lot more than a boycott of a few restaurants.

    Anyway, if you do want to boycott Papa John’s, Olive Garden, etc., you should also write to the companies to inform them of what you’re doing. While you’re at it, write to your representative to express your feelings about the matter and to ask them what they’re going to do about corporate chains constantly screwing low-level employees. Ask them to work to raise the federal minimum wage to a living wage. Ask them to work to support the president’s efforts to raise taxes on the wealthy. Ask them to protect the social safety net and to work for the interests of the poor and working class.

    Oh, and vote against Republicans whenever possible. They are consistently opposed to pro-labor legislation.

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    Tamora Pierce (yes, the Tamora Pierce) on her serendipitous voting AND library card procuring trip to her local library branch.

    Tamora Pierce is the coolest. (& she blurbed Unspoken & I was so happy!)

    … Also I used to believe that ninjas lived on top of the library and would take me out because I had so many late fines. 

    Fun fact: My mom almost had to go to court because I lost a Clifford the Big Red Dog book when I was 6.


  6. My Final Rant on Chick-Fil-A


    My original intent for this article was to write a thoughtful analysis of the craziness that was Chick-Fil-A appreciation day. But nope. You will get none of that from me. Because I am frustrated, very frustrated, with how this all went down.

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    My fellow Americans, come November we must choose to elect either a gay cactus or a lying unicorn.

    Oh and both of them are the antichrist.

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  8. "

    From a black man to Mitt Romney: Fuck you. Black people don’t want free shit, you out of touch Dr. Reed Richards hair having motherfucker.

    We want the same shit that your white constituency wants: Opportunity, good schools, safe streets, JOBS, a house that doesn’t fucking double and triple in interest rate while the value plummets, a place to shit with a door on it and the ability to not be denied coverage when we have a medical problem. We’re no different than anybody else but you wouldn’t know that because the only black person you probably know personally you just happen to be running against him for president.

    I’m tired of these piece of shit Republicans talking DOWN and whitesplaining to people of color AS IF they had it hard all their lives. NO Mitt Romney, you never had to worry about the price of milk ever in your fucking life. You were raised with a silver spoon in your mouth and your father probably owned a silver spoon factory.

    If you were really in touch, you’d talk about JOBS because we have a 14% unemployment rate in the black community but your party couldn’t pass a fart through cotton much less a fucking jobs bill. You’d talk about the safety net but we all know that you and Rand Paul are looking to take a pair of comically large shears to that motherfucker.

    Instead you walk in front of the NAACP and talk PAST them and your message hits your goddamn racist, sexist, homophobic, bible thumping, hate ridden, against their own interest base that ignores when we spend half a million on cruise missiles but complain when they see somebody cashing an unemployment check that happens to own an iPhone. FUCK YOU.

    I have a goddamn question for you, Willard:

    What about your perpetually poor white voters in states like West Virginia, Mississippi, Missouri and Louisiana that vote for you even though you give no fucking care about them. As long as you hammer on how black Obama is, how the liberals want to shoot their white women with abortion guns and the fact that gays want to marry your children they’ll continue voting for you. They staff your fucked up infantry and you’ve spent the past 60 years brainwashing them into thinking they deserve to get welfare checks but the second black people get them, it’s a problem.

    Fuck you and your face. Fuck your hair. Fuck your party. Fuck Newt Gingrich and fuck the whole conservative movement that has allowed their side to turn into this giant self-eating mutated blob.

    Partake in the finest selection of horse penises.


    http://jezebel.com/5925651/comment-of-the-day-mitt-romney-can-partake-in-the-finest-selection-of-horse-penises (via super-brother)

    Normally I don’t reblog heavy political stuff but this is gold.

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    They need to give a speech because this opening line, “Black people don’t want free shit, you out of touch Dr. Reed Richards hair having motherfucker”


    IT WRAPS UP ALL MY FEELINGS, the ending too. I’mma use that, I like that.

    “Partake in the finest selection of horse penises”


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    “Sophie Has No Choice” is still my favorite.

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