1. That is way more than 20 items, lady.

    I hate you.


  2. My Final Rant on Chick-Fil-A


    My original intent for this article was to write a thoughtful analysis of the craziness that was Chick-Fil-A appreciation day. But nope. You will get none of that from me. Because I am frustrated, very frustrated, with how this all went down.

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  3. capture-it-remember-it13:


    This is my friend and her girlfriend. The girl on the right was killed last night, by what is thought to be a hate crime. They were on a date. They were both shot and dumped in tall grass. They were found this morning by a couple while they were out for a walk. (This is all we know right now)
    Mollie has passed but her girlfriend, Kristene, is still alive. She is in very critical condition with a gunshot wound to the head. Please pray for her. Think about them. Pass this on. Something. Please. We need her to come through so the people that did this can be put in their rightful spot.  

    You will always be Loved and never forgotten, Mollie.
    Rest in Peace, Sweetheart.<3 

    And since I just got messages saying this was fake, here’s the article: http://www.kiiitv.com/story/18864976/update 

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    You better all fucking reblog this.

    Words cut deeper then fear

    I usually ignore posts like this but this kinda hit home

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  5. This is why I need new friends.

    I received these in the mail today from a “friend” who was “concerned” I don’t get enough “play.”

    Yes, that is me in a snuggie. I hate snuggies. It was a gag gift I was forced into.

    And yes, those are the lyrics to that Call Me, Maybe song.

    So much hate.

    (PS - any takers? I will mail it to you.)