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    The manager for a Chick-fil-A went to Reddit to basically whine and complain about all the bad press his company’s COO has netted the franchise.  Here’s some choice snippets:

    I accommodate protesters. Ask them if they would like anything to drink. I only ask they keep off the property. Even angry protesters find it hard to get mad when they realize we are just ordinary people. August 3rd is national gay kiss day at [Chick-fil-A]. I’m sure that will be fun.

    “How do I stop these angry protesters from being angry? Oh! I know! I’ll offer them free sodas! And we’ll even acknowledge their silly gay kissing day! Yay, I’m so tolerant and nice!”

    It sucks because I know a lot of good people and good business owners who are affected by one man’s views.

    “Good people” being the people who own and work in Chick-fil-A franchises, not the millions of LGBT/queer/GSM folks who are victims of oppression, right? Let’s shed a few tears for those poor Chick-fil-A managers.

    I honestly can say I don’t think I’ve ever worked with anyone who was a bigot. I’ve worked with evangelicals and I’m sure they had certain views but one of the most influential people I worked with was a Republican and a Christian. I’m neither but he helped get me into the position I am. I owe that guy a lot.

    “I’ve never worked with a bigot, even though I’m sure some of them were, but I benefited from them so they must be great people, right? RIGHT?”

    Absolutely not. The views of Dan Cathy do not represent anyone’s views. During the interviewing process my religion never came into question. We also have a few homosexual employees.

    “Our company can’t have been founded on bigotry and continue to fund bigoted agendas, we have a few homosexual employees!”

    Dan Cathy doesn’t ‘hate’ gays either. He just doesn’t think they should be allowed to marry and I’m sure he doesn’t believe they should start families.


    Keep crying, douchebag. 

    They make for excellent refreshments at our fabulous parades. 

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