1. Classes and Aspects Part 1: What Are They?

    Originally this was going to be one post, but it started getting so big that I decided to split it into 3 posts. The first post is just what the Classes and Aspects are. The secodn will deal with class and Aspect pairing. The passive and the active. The third post will be pure speculation on what particular Class/Aspect pairing would manifest as.

    First we’ll discuss the individual Classes. Generally speaking, a class determines how a character’s abilities manifest and their “myth arc,” or how the character is supposed to change and grow over the course of their story.

    Seer: “advises others via [Aspect]” Rose can tell people what decision to make to do in order to give them the best chance of achieving their goal.

    Mage: “is advised by [Aspect]” Sollux hears voices telling of their destruction. He’s mostly ignored, but knowledge of his inevitable death spurs him to great acts of heroism, like piloting the meteor to the Green Sun in Cascade.

    Rogue: “shares [Aspect] with others” Roxy eventually blacks out the entire session, hiding them from everyone. 

    Thief: “takes [Aspect] for personal benefit” Vriska “steals” luck in her battles.

    Bard: “provokes destruction via [Aspect]” and/or “is destroyed by [Aspect]” Gamzee is almost responsible for the death of everyone(he provokes Terezi into confronting Vriska), and once his rage subsides, he’s become a different person. The indifferent stoner and out of control rage monster are both evidently gone. Destroyed. He’s basically a different person now. Alternatively: “is ruled by [Aspect]”

    Prince: “destroys using [Aspect]” and/or “destroys [Aspect]” Eridan destroyed the matriorb, the hope of the troll species, using literal Hope. Alternatively: “rules [Aspect]”

    Maid: “exploits [Aspect] for benefit of others” Aradia’s timeline maintenance kept the trolls alive and helped win their session. Jane’s power kept her alive, which foils the ruination of the session(If Dream Jane dies and then real Jane is killed on Derse, that means no more Maid of Life.)

    Knight: “exploits [Aspect] for personal benefit” Dave uses his powers in battle, to augment his fighting, and he uses them to manipulate the LOHAC stock exchange, allowing him to buy all the fraymotifs for his class. 

    Sylph: “channels [Aspect] unconsciously” Aranea channels knowledge into helping people realize things about themselves, so they can become better. 

    Witch: “manipulates [Aspect] consciously” Jade manipulates the physical properties of objects and people.

    Page: “becomes [Aspect]” (Pages come from nothing to eventually achieve greatness) We haven’t seen a page who has realized their aspect. I think Jake will become the session’s only hope. And, if anything, Jake appears to be even less competent than John was with fighting, and is generally clueless. Likewise, Tavros was kind of ineffectual and generally passive. The one time he stands up for something he’s murdered.

    Heir: “embodies [Aspect]” (Heirs embody the power of their forebears) John quickly reaches God Tier and masters his Aspect. He can literally be the wind. Unlike the others, he even begins using his Aspect unconsciously before he knows it exists.

    And now the Aspects, which determines the nature of abilities and a character’s role in the game.

    Breath: Manipulation of the air and wind, and possibly some sort of connection to life or sustaining life, as in the Breath of Life.

    Rage: Power from anger, and more maybe generally, strong emotion.

    Time: Knowledge and manipulation of Time itself.

    Blood: Dealing with forming bonds and relationships, be they biological or other.  

    Mind: Knowledge and manipulation of the mind. 

    Light: Luck or good fortune. Knowledge. 

    Doom: Death and destruction. 

    Heart: Relating to the self and soul. Possible, but tenuous, connection to love. 

    Space: Knowledge of and manipulation of the physical. Weight, speed, size, location, etc.

    Void: Emptiness. Lack of knowledge. Invisibility. Portals. Connected to Horrorterrors/Furthest Ring/dream bubbles.

    Life: Healing and health. Sustenance. Existence. Creation.

    Hope: Unknown.  Hope can take many forms, so the possibilities are kind of limitless. Very powerful Aspect.

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