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    Fahrenheit Four Fifty-Dumb

    What the fucking fuck is all this goddamned fuckery?

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  2. Has anyone ever boarded a ship in a fantasy RPG that didn’t inevitably sink, violently encounter a ghost ship, or both?

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    Slender Buttsex.

    amnesia: the dark buttsex

    The Buttsex Game.

    Kid Icarus: Buttsex


    Happy Buttsex. (Happy Wheels)

    Super Buttsex 64

    The Legend of Buttsex: Buttsex of Time

    ((The legend of Zelda: Spirit Buttsex. 

    I CAN’T))

    Kid buttsex omg :’D

    The Elder Scrolls: Buttsex


    Assassin’s Creed: Buttsex

    Final Buttsex VI

    Dragon Buttsex

    Mass Buttsex 3

    Kingdoms of Amalur: Buttsex

    World of Buttsex

    Dragon Buttsex 2

    Emperor: Rise of the Buttsex Kingdom

    Digimon Buttsex 3

    I’m not sure which is worse. The actual concept, or the implication that there are 3 of them.


  4. "In this country, ‘American’ means white. Everybody else has to hyphenate."
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  5. I feel bad.

    My dad and I went up to my school on Friday. On the way there, we discussed politics. My dad is a surprisingly moderate conservative, all things considered. We tend to agree on many things, but for different reasons or to different degrees.

    We talked about healthcare reform.

    He hates Obamacare. I am in favor of much of what I have heard, but don’t consider myself educated enough on it to really object to things.

    The reasons he gave me, though, were outrageous. To the point where I could not believe anyone would have voted or supported for it. He said he would email me his source.

    I got that email today and just finished reading through it. Based on what it says in the email I would be against Obama healthcare bill.

    But that’s the thing.

    Most of what the email contained was only partly true, or phrased in a misleading way. Parts of it were outright lies.

    But here’s the kicker!

    This email is talking about provisions from a healthcare bill… that is NOT the bill passed by Congress.

    The reason I am sad is because I was looking forward to responding to this. And it turns out the whole thing was bs.

    The unfortunate thing thing is, it probably never occurred to my dad to research the claims made in the email. His worldview(to my understanding of it) doesn’t include people who would deliberately lie like the author of the email did. :/

    So rather than engage in a debate, I got to tell someone I really respect that they were completely duped by a bunch of bullshit.


  6. My Final Rant on Chick-Fil-A


    My original intent for this article was to write a thoughtful analysis of the craziness that was Chick-Fil-A appreciation day. But nope. You will get none of that from me. Because I am frustrated, very frustrated, with how this all went down.

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